Charles (23 June 2012)
"Instant messaging"


I was sitting in my car trying to think of how to seperate from this worlds ways and still help my wife garage sale. See if Jesus was not imminently coming and it would make sense to de clutter the house donate old clothes and sell baby stuff to fix stuff. But Jesus is coming and really all that matters! I cannot think of a more Chinese water drop thing then a day of saying that's .50 and hearing I will give you a quarter while I am picturing quarters being tossed in the street worthless! Well I was overcome with trepidation at my apparent inability to get through to those around me the total fabrication this reality is and the seriousness of watching the clouds I saw 135A A is me and well 153 Jesus is coming for all 153 fish! I am really hoping this means chill out A I am coming and will lift you up in the net just be patient and wait! As a small child I cry out in my soul abba father take me home!