Charles (19 June 2012)
"Two paths"

There is a difference between believing in Jesus and following Him or believing on Jesus. One path leads where you want to go the other seems right to the world but is a wide path to destruction. Come out from among them seperate yourself touch not unclean things and I will receive you and you shall be my sons and daughters. Cleanse yourselfs of all filthiness of flesh and spirit! If you are praising and doing things but are not trying with all your spirit to run counter to this worlds vanity culture and values realize this and change course now one path is to sanctification a life long process that confirms us to the image of Jesus in Gods eyes the other is just putting on the vain traditions of men thinking they lead to Jesus. Jesus said unless your rightousness exceeds the Pharisees this is a rightousness of a repentant heart that seeks to do what Jesus did instead of what the world does. A humble soul, fearful respect, repentant heart, leads us to the path that Jesus wants us to follow home! Very few actually want to turn from the ways of this world but it's the only way home. Turn off the tv pick up the bible believe what you read and try to act on it. There is no other hope then Jesus and we must lay down our vain thoughts pick up the cross and follow Him until it leads home! Works don't get us there but faith without action is not faith!