Carol Hevel (23 June 2012)
"Unusual dream"


Dear John & Doves, I had a dream a little over 3 months ago that I have not written about but I think I must because of the clarity of the dream and the fact that I still have a clear memory of this dream as if it were a memory of an important event instead of a dream.
My husband and I work together but our jobs are quite different.  We have often in the past gone out to the scene of an accident and taken photos.  I am the more comfortable person with cameras and technology in general so I am the one who generally is taking the photos, although my husband has the input always of the subject matter in the photos.
I will try to relate this dream with accuracy and no editing on my part.  We had arrived at the scene of a boat wreck & subsequent fire.  The boat was a burned-out hulk.  I was trying to take photos and following his direction in the selection of photos.  We were losing our light very quickly and I was becoming concerned that we would lose our best opportunities for the highest level of photography.
At or near the very end of our photo session the light was dim.  The dream seemed very logical from that point of view except for two things.  In the dream he was trying to pose a stuffed shark (a toy stuffed animal) that was approximately 3.5 feet long on top of the boat and telling me to take the shot.  The shark looked rather silly but I did try to take the shot.
This makes no sense to me except he is an attorney and I have teased him that he is a shark.  That's sort of typical for trial lawyers.  But it is a joke to us.  He is a serious Christian man who puts his faith before his law practice.
But here the light goes very dim and I feel a pressure.  I start to feel an intense weight and it is quickly becoming dark. I look up in the sky (where did the sun go?) and there is an immense and amazing "planet" or moon or something up to my left.  It is so close that it fills up more than half of the sky.  It is mostly in shades of gray although there is a large spot in the middle that has yellow and orange tones.
I have studied astronomy partly because my uncle was an amateur astronomer (not astrology).  I had a telescope as a kid and now have 2 (reflector & refractor).  One of my best friends since early childhood became a professor of Astronomy and we remain close.  I know that if a moon or other orbiting body was that close to earth (as in my dream) both objects would be overcome by their own gravity conflicts.
In the dream I would guess that this huge object was only 200 or 300 miles away from earth.  We stood there looking at the moon/planet and felt profound heaviness.  We felt a very deep oppression from the presence of this mostly gray orb.  I was trying to see if I could make out anything on the surface of it and it seemed to be getting closer by the minute.  It was very much like being in the path of an oncoming locomotive.  The speed and the inertia were great.  When I awoke, I felt the presence and power for at least half an hour.  It was a little hard to shake.
The dream is still clear in my mind.  It seemed like a very real event and still does.  I was not given a clue about what it all means and I will not speculate. I thought that I was supposed to relate it to all of you.
Love, Carol H (Jesus is Lord certainly above any orb, so I wasn't afraid of it.)