Annette Hammond (19 June 2012)
"Hebraic Roots Bible"


Dear John
I noticed on the 14th June that Steve Coerper recommended the Hebraic Roots Bible.
I am somewhat concerned. The Hebraic Roots movement is spreading rapidly around the world but it presents many problems. The insistence on the use of “Yahweh” [“Jehovah” according to the Hebrew Bible or as Jews and many  Messianic Jews say it, “ADONAI”] and the use of “Jehoshua” or “Yeshua” is causing division and conflict in many places.
Islam insists that the Quran can only be understood in one language – Arabic.
The Bible however was written in Hebrew, Greek and also has some Aramaic. The Bible has been translated into almost every language on earth. It can be understood in every language. The insistence on using only Hebrew is contrary to the Gospel. On the day of Pentecost the Holy Spirit spoke to the people in many languages.
I can read the Bible in English, Indonesian, Arabic, Hebrew, French, Spanish ...  and all of these languages reveal the true Word of God. Whether we use Lord, Tuhan, Rabb, Yehovah, Seigneur, Señor ...our God/Allah/Elohim/Dieu/Dios understands.
I believe this whole issue is a distraction from our main purpose of preaching the gospel in all the world and preparing to be a people, sanctified and holy who will be ready for the Lord when He returns.
Annette Hammond