Vicki (3 June 2011)
"To Jim Bramlet Re: Esau's descendant in the White House"


Dear Jim and Doves,
Jim your post yesterday jumped right off the page at me!!  I know what you had written is absolutely true. I say this because in the spring of 2010 while inquiring of the Lord, "who's seed will  the antichrist come from?" I heard the Lord say "re-look at Jacob and Esua."I had absolutely no idea what the Lord was about to show me.
Satan tries to imitate Jesus (in this case, the seed) Twins, in the same womb together, fighting even before their birth. One of them God Loved, the other, He hated. Jesus came through the seed of Jacob, the antichrist  will come from the seed of Esau.
Last July I sent my very first post to Five Doves, it was entitled O Holi Bamah.
Oholibamah was one of Esau's wives!!!!  God had directed me to "re-look" at Jacob and Esau because of what He wanted to show me, and this about blew me away!!
Here is the original post in case you want to read it.
Have a blessed Day in the Lord!!!
  ysic, Vicki