Veronica N (16 June 2011)
"Dayana re dreams"

Hi John and Doves,
I would just like to share something that the Lord spoke to me a few days ago.
I was praying about business because business was very quiet and so I was asking the Lord
what he wanted me to do.
His answer came from deep within very strong and clearly he said, "Trust me, I am coming very soon
be ready be prepared.

I hope this will be an encouragement to all doves, our Lord Jesus will soon be here to claim us keep on
watching praying repenting and sharing the good news.

Any day now our bridegroom will be here, see you in the air.

Veronica N
To Dayana and all doves
  Wanted to share with you a double dream that I had on 3rd of June, because I noticed recently on doves you had something similar. My dream, after having a very precious and intense time with the Lord before going to bed I was exhausted and went straight off to sleep when I got into bed. 1st dream I heard the sound of a shofar letting out a number of short bursts this woke me up and I got up to pray wondering if this was the trumpet sound. But I didn't understand what the short bursts meant. Went back to bed.2nd dream: I saw a number of church people some I knew and many I didn't recognise then suddenly there was some kind of earthquake and people were falling and getting quite alarmed I also saw sheets of water I think I was being shown a glimpse of the tribulation. then I woke up.

A few days later my husband Gary was on one of the rapture web sites and he called me to try to Identify the sound of the shofar in my dream. as I listened to it I realised that it meant that the enemy was approaching. God has also shown me on doves others that have been told that the enemy is approaching a warning that something major is about to happen which will embrace the whole world. I noticed that you also mentioned a bout a world wide earthquake in one of your posts, in the link below this was a very interesting article, making sense of some of what I saw in my dream there was fear and shock on peoples faces. The planet Elenin was very interesting highlighting many of the judgements in the book of revelation. I believe we are right on the threshold of our Lord's return and we must continue to watch and pray and study until he comes. We are in very moving and exciting and sobering times. see link below.

Maranatha, Jesus is coming soon.

Veronica N