Tina Abrams (4 June 2011)
"Paul Wilson "nakedness""

Dear Dove Paul,
I was cracking up and blushing at your post. Are you serious ? well......I know you are. But it is a very funny subject to post.
Nudity ? hehehehe. I am sorry. I do not want to insult you. Just smile with me while I talk.

Growing up as a preachers daughter with 2 sisters No brothers. My Mother taught us Modesty from as young as I can remember. Even as little little girls we wore flannel night gowns and NEVER ran around in our underwear in front of our Dad or even each other. It engraved it into us to not do it as teens even more so. We never saw our Dad in his underwear either. I AM GLAD ! It is so wrong and I believe It has been my worse pet peeve that Christians Pray sing and teach their kids about Jesus and the Bible but when it comes to morality and modesty for their children as Innocent baby's they do not see the connection.
Morality and modesty IS Purity and Godliness. It confuses kids when it is in their faces (Adult bodies) before their time.
My Mother would tell us when Adam & eve sinned and saw they were naked It is NATURAL to be embarrassed, it is good and there are reasons. We were innocent for each stage in life to HEAR And see the truth never thinking about sex. yes Nudity is ALWAYS connected to sex. It is how we are triggered for a special time in our life when we can and are suppose to Handel it. Not before. Let children enjoy beauty of the creation around them while they are young and play innocent. Nudity has STOLEN everything from them. Magazines of half naked women are always at eye level for the little children. and it Will trigger curiosity. Back to Adam & Eve........ So My Mom said God Covered them. To Cover our nakedness with right clothes is from GOD Himself.....to not cause men to lust and stumble. For we are triggered through sight. You know. My sisters and I Dress modest to this day and YOU can and be in style !!! You do not have to wear Amish dresses. God clothed all the animals even, He is the coolest designer. Zebras, Peacocks, tigers, fish, gecko's,etc. I Love art and design and so what is wrong with creating beautiful coverings for these naked bodies that should be kept VERY private for your mate. One time we went to a famous missionary conference and during worship one lady singer had a white tiny tee shirt (That is what every one wears now no matter a women's figure OH maybe in different solid colors (boring !!) She was 9 months pregnant. Do you think we were all raising our hand s thinking of the Lord ? She was while we all tried to look at the ceiling. Madonna started the tight tees showing pregnant stomachs to EVERY one. Who wants to see that. It IS NOT a pretty sight. women are dumb to think that everyone does and not trace it back to who started the fad. So Are they following covering up from God or stripping like the world ? I KNOW a 3 year old can be shy of nakedness......who put that in them ? They were born to be shy of nakedness it is stupid callused adults, that then say to the 3 year old" STOP that you are fine here run naked your cute." So the kid starts to. If you endorse their natural tendency and say here you need privacy shut the door while you potty they almost breath a breath of fresh air that that is what they want.  You can look at nude art and it is not a sin. But remember the farther and more hardened someone is to the Lord it seems they always strip (in other words) So Care about your Brothers in the Lord Christian women ! and Christian men care about Children and let them be pure as long as they can.
"Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall SEE GOD " So It is not about Nudity/vs. Being a christian.....It is about Morality and Modesty. Modesty is next to Godliness. and remember you can still be cool (=
Blessings Tina