Suzi (11 June 2011)
"To Jim B re: BHO's 'cooked goose'"

I firmly believe that the obviously fraudulent BC was 'released' on purpose, so that he WOULD be 'found out'. I've felt all along that he'd do something at about this time to 'overturn the apple cart'. This would surely put the nation in chaos (what 'they' want), and make us weaker for it. I can see the timing as perfect to bring down the US.

This is not a coincidence, this is purposeful. This was by design. Destroy the US from the inside. Everything he's done to date, everything he's signed, every person appointed would be null and void, and that would be more devastating that a bomb going off. We'd implode.

The fact that the MSM has yet to even admit/recognize this obvious fact is just proof that they are so enamored of this fake, that they'll allow him anything. Scary.

I bet his string pullers are wondering when they are going to take the bait!!

Watch and wait and wonder.