Steve W (4 June 2011)
"To Paul Wilson and Doves: Response to your post on Nudity"

Hi Paul,
I must say you are courageous for even bringing up such a "taboo" topic like nudity. Especially amongst fellow believers. You bring up
quite a few valid points worthy of a practical discussion. We all have our views on this topic and I believe it's not a black and white issue.
I will simply share some of my views and thoughts concerning nudity and sexuality.
Yes, one of God's greatest creations is the human body. He purposely and meticulously  created us male and female. We have been made in His image. God is beautiful. One day (hopefully soon) we will come face to face with our maker. The Bible is full of texts describing His beauty. We have only a dim view now of our Maker. When we look in the mirror each day, we can catch a glimpse of Him. Yet our bodies are in a continual state of decay. Even the most beautiful people here on Earth won't compare to what we shall someday look like in our new glorified bodies. God's most precious handiwork will perpetually be on display. Amen!
We all agree God's original intent for us in the garden was to be naked and know no shame. How wonderful that must have been for Adam and Eve before the fall. Once the fall happened, Satan began to attack and malign God's greatest creation, man. Satan, ever since then has set out destroy our bodies,mind,and spirits. Unfortunately, he has done a pretty good job of this the past 6000 years. So with Evil's devices and schemes he has attempted to wreak havoc by perverting the human mind and body. Satan has done this through various forms and methods. I will elaborate a bit on this.
The human body is wonderfully beautifully made. God made us sexual beings. He loves intimacy between a married man and woman. Sexual union between a man and woman transcends any experience a human can enjoy in body,mind,and
soul. God made it that way. I believe sexual union between married couples is but a foretaste of our eternal relationship with God. One only needs to read the Song of Solomon to see this. I am not saying by any means that we will know sex in heaven, but the sexual union we experience now on earth is a foretaste of  how our relationship with God in heaven will be. It will be pure ecstasy. Continually. This is God's purpose and design. It's all in the Bible as we read about His love for us.
So, what about nudity ? Unfortunately, we are so messed up in society about sexuality that most of us have a difficult time to some degree with what you bring up. Satan has so perverted and twisted sexuality since the fall that it affects
most of us in some form or fashion in a negative way. Many of us have been sexually abused. This unfortunately scares us in various degrees for our lives. Abuse, and the many levels of abuse that occur, have adverse consequences
with each of its  victims. Though we can heal a trendous amount from the actions perpetrated others, life is never the same. The ravages of abuse take their toll. The innocence of sexuality and nudity is forever lost. It's impossible to view the human body and sexuality as we did before the abuse occurred.
The other side of Satan's assault on sexuality are the countless perversions that have arisen. We all know these. Some of us have struggled form time to time with sexual sin. The majority of men ( yes, even Christian men) have to battle
at the very least with lustful thoughts on occasion. Even if lust is not an issue, objectifying is. We usually don't take a second glance when we see an 80 year old women, but a cute 20 something girl in tight jeans may garner a second look.  
Our culture is so sex saturated that it's impossible to go a day without something being in your face. The proliferation of easy access pornography via the internet is rampant. Satan is doing his best to mess with our minds with regards to
sexuality. What God created for good, Satan has determined to try and destroy this reflection of His beauty.
Paul, you probably are one of the few men that may be able to view nudity in a pure and right way. Most men have a difficult time even with nude art. It can be a seed for sexual sin that germinates quickly if we are not careful. It is sad that this is the case, but the Enemy knows that one of his greatest schemes in bringing men down is though sexual sin. Viewing a realistic painting of an 18 year old girl in a tasteful manner may seem innocent, but it may be difficult not to objectify the person or even have lustful thoughts.
So in closing, you are not wrong in how God's original intent was for us to see one another; to be naked and know no shame. But in today's real world, for most men and a good deal of women, to view nudity it it's most innocent and pure way
can be a trigger for impure thoughts and much more. It can lead down that slippery slope. It's best to not go down that road. We have to maintain vigilance against the enemy's assaults. Today in our culture the bombardment and temptation of sin of a sexual nature is constant and unrelenting. It's best to steer clear of any image, even if it is seemingly innocent and naive. It's sad, but it's the reality of our day and time in which we live.
Steve W.