Steve Mullin (3 June 2011)
"To Nicole RE: 6 year old's vision"

Thanks for posting that. He does seem to know a lot more than any other 6 year old I've heard about.
The following part that mentions missiles is interesting: First he said which got all of our attention. This planet will be destroyed. In 2011 some things will start happening, like what I asked. There will be bombs. The armies are going to throw bombs at us, but we have things that can block bombs in the air and throw them back. Who is going to throw bombs at us I asked, China he replied. How does he even know anything about China, he is only 6 we thought?
I've posted links below about the technology he may have seen in his vision. Because of the 200 million man army mentioned in the Bible, the fact that our economy is on the brink, and that China holds a ton of our debt, it doesn't seem far-fetched that we could be attacked by them.
The U.S. has supplied Israel with the Iron Dome technology and plans on buying them at least 4 more. I've posted a link that has an article about it and another link that shows a video clip of it:
Steve Mullin