Steve Coerper (20 June 2010)
"A Bitter Warning"

Dear John and Doves:
I got an email from one of my Anakypto Forum listeners.  She chooses to remain anonymous, but wrote:
This past week (Monday) while praying, I believe I heard the Holy Spirit tell me that "bitter water" is coming.  I shared this with [my husband] and then with [my son], asking both of them to pray with me about it.  As I have continued to pray about this I have felt in my spirit that we are going to see something happen to water in some way that will result in a literal "bittering" of the water.

I'm pretty careful with "I had a dream" and "voices from the Lord" stuff, as you may know. But I have known this woman for a while and trust her a lot.

This may be a reference to what's going on with the nuclear power plant in Nebraska, and the real-world problems that could result.  OR ... it could have a much more profound spiritual significance:

If the principle in Numbers 5 is in view, we're talking about idolatry.  It may be that the Lord sees America's corporate "churches" as a pretender, a counterfeit.  This may not test it/them at all.  In view is the true believers, many of whom may be involved in corporate churches and many of whom may not be.  The question is probably not one of religious practices or religious culture, but of true faith lived out every day.  Are we faithful to Him?  Or have we turned aside to idols?

We shall see.