Spoely (16 June 2011)
"Gog/Magog Happens After Beginning of Tribulation"

By reading carefully Ezekiel 38 – 39; I am lead to believe that the Gog/Magog battle will happen sometime into the Tribulation.  Here is why?


Before Tribulation and Rapture people are saying “Peace and Safety”  (I Thess 5:3)  This is happening right now.  Israel is not there yet, but people are saying it.

Then, Damascus, as well as the immediate surrounding territories are devasted due to the Psalm 83 war (Isaiah’s prophecy on Damascus probably happens initially or in retaliation of a first strike by the Arabs)       Stearman believes that the retaliation against Egypt will cause Egypt to be inhabitable also.

Antichrist steps in and delivers the peace agreement that the world accepts (TRIB starts)

Israel under the false comfort of the peace agreement spreads out into its new territories thus beginning to live in “unwalled villages.”  (This won’t happen before the Trib…no way.)

A major worldwide judgment happens that virtually wipes out the use of modern warfare and the Gog/Magog allies gear up with ‘wood weapons of war.’

Russia gets jealous of Israel’s new riches and seeking revenge with IRAN, attacks, thus begins the Gog/Magog battle.  (The 4th Seal of Revelation?)

The weapons of war could be ‘used for fuel’ into the Millennium period (see my previous post)


I believe that Ezekiel is clearly saying Gog/Magog only fits after the Peace Treaty…I see no way that Israel will live in “peace and security” before the Psalm 83 war. NO WAY!  Ezekiel 38:8c, clearly states that Israel will be living safety.