Simon (29 June 2011)

Dear doves,

Below is part of the message I sent in February this year. NB: I was in Italy in Sep-Oct last year. The star I refer to below was brighter than the rest. Last Saturday I travelled approximately 600 km to the north of where I am now, to attend a funeral for a relative (I’m in southern Africa).  During the night I was very surprised to see a similar arrangement to what I dreamt in Italy (described below). I was with a cousin who is a none believer but I had to show him the Moon-Star position that puzzled me. The only thing that was missing was the ball of fire described below. Whether this shows the season is approaching I don’t know.

Side issue: If the little girl’s vision (mentioned by Bro Jim) is definitely this July then probably the dates of 7 July and 17 July could be interesting. I have posted about this two numbers before.

God bless you.




Simon (1 Feb 2011)
"Re: Leigh 2nd Sun"

The second took place last year when I attended a meeting in Italy (I’m not sure whether I communicated with the doves about this one). In the dream I could see in the sky something like a moon and a star (not so far away from each other but not very close either). From my point of view the star was on the right side of the moon. While I was starring at the moon something like a supernova or ball of fire was circling around the moon when I looked at the star the same thing was taking place (i.e. the ball of fire was also moving around the star). It was just strange!