Shirley (26 June 2011)
"need opinion from shirley"

Hi doves this is shirley and I should have information on a place this weekend. I need your opinion on something that happened to me when my husband was at home before I had to have him leave. He was on his pills sleeping on a couch. He woke up and sat-up looking at me and started talking in a language I didnt understand. It seemed evil and later he didnt remember. Just the look in his eyes was something Ill never forget.  Ive feel ive been in a spiritual warfare with him before this happened. I get so mad at these demons. Im in prayer every day pleading the blood of Jesus over my family, house etc. Ive been through alot over the years some of it I believe is because I backslide. Would you all say a prayer that my son Alex, my husband Carl and I will all be counted worthy to go home. My son and husband did say the sinners prayer but I cant get my son to read the bible. I feel in my spirit ther is still a blockage of Gods spirit in my home. My son has thrown some of his things out like taret cards etc. He is 20 and has not been raised in church except for his younger years. Do any of yous know a good church in Michigan in the plymouth, canton area.
P.S Julie Im glad to here of better news for you. I should be in knowledge of a place this weekend. God bless you all. shirley