Sandra Jean (10 June 2011)

Hi Fay.  Thought this might be of interest.  Mike Shreve was recently on Messianic Vision/It's Supernatural TV (week of 5/30/11) and MV/IS Radio (week of 3/28/11).  Sid Roth used to be pretty discriminating about who came on his program and who didn't.  Not sure if this still holds true, but Mike Shreve is definitely the real deal.  (Will pray for your friend; what is her name?)



Truth Seekers: You will be inspired by these ten amazing stories—extreme seekers who walked different paths in life, yet shared one common passion: love for the truth. They knew religion could never satisfy their thirst. They longed for true spirituality and the unveiling of Ultimate Reality.

Join Sid Roth, Mike Shreve and eight others on their extraordinary quest for truth. These stories include:  

  • Robin Harfouche-explored the psychic realm and became a rising star in Hollywood with the help of a spirit guide.
  • Vail Carruth-trained under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and became a teacher of Transcendental Meditation.
  • Jean Lacour-journeyed through LSD, yoga, Rosicrucianism, Magick, and remote, mountaintop, communal living projects.

All received a similar supernatural awakening that dramatically changed the course of their lives. Not only did they seek the truth; they found it (Jesus Christ of Nazareth)!

Avoiding Deception: This special CD contains an entire week of radio interviews, plus bonus teaching, hosted by Sid Roth with special guest Mike Shreve. On this CD Mike reveals the demonic deception behind the New Age. You will learn how to discern between the demonic counterfeits and the real supernatural works of God. It is imperative that you learn these differences and understand how you can dispel all the lies of the enemy with THE Truth, Messiah Jesus.

Sid Roth has a passion for people to experience the power of God for the purpose of experiencing the fullness of His love. Sid does investigative reporting of miracles on his international television program, “It’s Supernatural!”  Mike Shreve is a teacher of truth principles that bring healing to the whole person. He is the author of ten books, best known for an in-depth comparison of over 20 religions titled In Search of the True Light. Since 1971, he has traveled worldwide sharing his transformational insights.

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