Samuel Rice (10 June 2011)
"Re: Jesus "

Dear Brother Tng,  I am a missionary in Haiti serving there for 29 years.  I must confess that I have been a "closet" Dove, watching and waiting with you all for the last couple of years sharing your excitement as possible rapture days approached and then sad disappointment as they went by yet unfulfilled.  Yet I am never disheartened as each day that passes brings us ever closer to that blessed moment.  I'd like to share a poem with you from Watchman Nee:
My King will soon come back again.
The sky  be filled with Him.
The universe to be redeemed
will se His light therein.
The Lord will soon fulfill His plan,
His footsteps now I hear;
His glorious frame I faintly see
beginning to appear.
I'm longing for His presence blest
and dare not slothful be
while waiting for my Lord's return,
His own dear self to see.
My only hope--that He may come
and change my faith to sight;
There is no other joy on earth
which gives my heart delight...
My Saviour, all thy holy words
can never doubted be;
With them encouraged day by day
I'm faithful unto thee.
Oh, may thy glory soon appear,
The foe be overthrown;
Thy promises be realized,
and we brought to thy throne!
Samuel Rice
Welcome to the Doves, Samuel!