Robin Wester (3 June 2011)
"Prayers for Noah.........."

Please keep this child in your prayers .  


Prayers for Noah Facecchia
Noah's Story Updated
Noah once announced to his mom and me "I matter" We smiled with him and replied "more than you know"   Noah is a healthy active and intelligent 6 year old boy. He plays in an indoor soccer league. Noah enjoys swimming and karate classes. He is a grade 1 student at St....


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Prophetic Promises of The Kingdom Within!

The Kingdom of God is a reality, not a mere cliche, nor mere words written in the Bible. The Kingdom of God is a reality that has changed, is changing, and will be changing as the reality transforms every person!

As you look upon the history of revivals, history of religious sects that have come and gone, and the history of reformation, one thing is very clear. The word of God stands true, and Jesus Christ is truth. The Kingdom of God is a REALITY - it is not something we can hope to attain one day, but something that already is, and yet is still coming.

Jesus told us that the Kingdom of God was within us. The very Kingdom of God, and all that it contains, is within you and I. Ephesians 1:3 tells us that we have already been blessed with all spiritual blessings - all blessings in Heavenly places. If we have already (past tense) been blessed with all spiritual blessings, then there is nothing we lack. The point is not attempting to obtain, but instead learning to yield, and simply release all that is already within you and I.

Have you experienced the fullness that Christ has made available? Have you reached out in fullness for all that God has for you? The key to releasing miracles is in understanding your Identity, a child of God, with the very Kingdom of God already within you! As you begin to receive your REVELATION OF IDENTITY - you will have your faith level raised. You will see problems and challenges in life from a different perspective. You will see the outcome of success as a reality, a probability, a guarantee in the name of Jesus.

Where do you start? Prayer. Learn to talk with your Heavenly father as you would talk to a friend. Open up and speak the word, pray the word, and then REST in his promises. You are a child of God, and therefore the Kingdom of God is within you and available for you to access. Not only once we reach Heaven, but now, today upon this world.

Jesus told us to pray Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done, on EARTH as In Heaven. That is a great prayer, a needed prayer, and one that God himself will back up and answer in your life! Praise God!

In His Kingdom,

Wayne Sutton