Robert Belanger (10 June 2011)
"Dr. Owuor and the Pale Horse Prophecy"

It is interesting that the monogram of Dr. David Edward Owuor , i.e., DEO, meaning 'of God', is so fitting for someone who is proclaimed  to be a prophet of God.

In the above link he describes his prediction of the pale horse of the Apocalypse as seen in a film taken by the media as spreading its large white mane. In the film you will see that the horse does have a white mane and that it does spread it before rising and disappearing from sight.

Clearly, there can be little doubt that Dr. Owuor has a gift. He does, of course, accept Jesus as Messiah. Many of his predictions, or prophecies, have been shown to be true. Let us continue to pray that our spiritual eyes are given discernment concerning this extraordinary man and his prophecies.q