Robert Belanger (1 June 2011)
"May Gabriel's Trumpetl Sound for You"

The above link provides a musical interlude that expresses concern over those left behind when the rapture occurs. The instrumental background sounds like footsteps -- headed in the direction of eternity. Take a few minutes to let the music sing into your heart.

If anyone is reading this and listening to Denise Vargo's song and is not sure of his/her presonal salvation, take a few moments to turn inward and ask the Lord to accept your thanks for what He has done for you, and ask Him to draw you nearer to Him in these last days. It will soon be too late.

May the Holy Spirit draw you into the arms of your Saviour and let you experience His great love for you. Don't fear Him, He is ready to forgive all of your sins, shortcomings and rebellious ways. He created you and knows your innermost thoughts and desires.

We will soon see those who have preceded us by way of the grave, and the joy will be immense. Please do not take a chance in missing this fantastic event. Ask now to be forgiven, to resolve to do what you can to repent and to accept the Lord's love into the very core of your consciousness and heart.

I know that if you do these things, He will bless you beyond your dreams, expectations and hopes. He only needs to hear a word from you to move. Let Him hear that word from you today, even now at this very moment.

God bless and keep you.

YBIC, RObert