Rene (20 June 2011)
"Mike Curtiss - re: The Danger of "Christian Militants""

WOW! OMG! Now we know!  It isn't those rabid, radical, anti-semitic jihadist muslims we have to fear anymore. Our REAL enemy? Militant Christians!!! Wow - we've had 3000 Americans killed by radical extremist muslims on 9/11 and attacks by these same extremists in many parts of the world, including traps they have set (and failed) for other attacks on US citizens, thousands they have blown up and murdered in cold blood in other countries --- but they are not our REAL enemy!???
Our REAL enemies are those deadbeat "Militant Christians!" OOOoooohhhhhhhh!!! Those Bibles they carry might give someone a really, really bad papercut, which could get infected. Those old time songs they sing might generate a migraine headache to someone who's brain has been fried with heavy metal! AND oh horrors!  What if they all get together and PRAY!? If children under the tender age of 7 are EXPOSED to prayer from these militant Christian groups, might it forever traumatize them and cause irreversible psychosis? Not to mention that the radical muslims are teaching 3 and 4 year olds to call Jews pigs and to call for the death of all jews, but that's acceptable, right? Just don't let our 3 and 4 year olds talk about Jesus in public school, not if you don't want the parents arrested and brought to court by the ACLU!
And what was that Jesus said about calling EVIL GOOD and GOOD EVIL? TIME IS about UP folks!  Does it make you sick? Well just imagine how SICK the HOLY God of the universe, Jesus, must be of all this corruption!!!
Fasten your seatbelts!