Rene (20 June 2011)
"re: the Lunar Eclipse and shadow of things to come..."

Thanks for your kind comments on my posts and the one regarding the Lunar Eclipse. I read and enjoy all your posts as well!   I FORGOT to mention a very important point to all that on the eclipse---- the SUN has always been a type of the SON of God and the MOON has ALWAYS been a type of the CHURCH!!!  Well, in this eclipse, the MOON disappeared for 30 minutes! God is telling us that his CHURCH is about to disappear!!!! There is no mistaken what this typology means! It stands for the RAPTURE!!!!! The MOON disappears - the CHURCH disappears!
Those who are waiting and watching will KNOW we are about to go!
REJOICE EVERYONE!!!!! SOON WE SEE THE LAMB FACE TO FACE!!!!!! Soon, we will be re-united with our loved ones who have gone on to glory before us!
Sonchild (18 June 2011)
"Re Rene's post on the Lunar Eclipse"

Hello all!
If you did not read Rene's post on the Lunar Eclipse, please read
and rejoice.
Indeed there are signs in the heavens.VVe can look up because our
redemption is near, just as He said.
To put the icing on, here is a music video of
The Midnight Cry  and the dead in Christ shall rise first!
Be blessed .
Rene, I love your posts. Thank you for every single one.