Rene (20 June 2011)
"re: Ed C and TBN"

Ed:  I agree 100%. This vile world tries to censor Christians as it is! Then to have a Christian network start censoring Christians too because they are afraid that they will OFFEND the unsaved?! That is too much! When did JESUS ever caution his disciples not to offend unbelievers? When was Paul ever afraid of stepping on toes? Did he water down the gospel for fear of offending the heathen?
I believe that people will drop their support of TBN for this rash and despicable act, which would be a shame, because TBN still produces many programs where the full gospel is preached. I am thinking of prophecy programs like Hal Lindsey, Perry Stone, and Grant Jeffrey among others... Preachers have enough to contend with when the world slams them in the face for preaching the truth! They don't need that kind of treatment from their OWN! Everyone out there - you need to send letters and emails to TBN and let them know what you think of their inexcusable activity in censoring Jack Van Impe and Rexella! One of the reasons that America is in the mess it is in is because for too long the silent MAJORITY remains SILENT! Speak up! If we do not start speaking up --- then we too will be silenced by a few in the minority who are trying to take away our freedom of speech!