Raul D  (28 June 2011)
"Angel seen in clouds with trumpet to mouth"

My daughter Victoria on Thursday June 23, 2011 was playing at her school yard when she looked up to the sky and
an Angel in the clouds with a trumpet ( shofar ) to his mouth was seen, but the angel did not blow the trumpet just kept it to his mouth, I don't know if it’s a open vision or if a
veil from her eyes was removed. She told me she had her eyes open when looking up. the first trumpet dream she had was on Dec 13, 2010 and the angel was in heaven, and now the angel is seen by Victoria
awake and in the clouds not in heaven, amazing we must be really near now.

Wed June 22nd at night Victoria had a vision every time she closed her eyes, she seen the Lord above the earth smiling at her, and angels are behind Him in two straight lines. While telling me what she was seeing with her eyes closed I asked her do you see the book (scroll ), she said no, and then said let me ask. she talked to Jesus and asked Him,
"can you please show me the book", and then she said I see it now.
when I asked her to describe the book (scroll ), she said its red in the outside and July written in gold, I asked can you see and spell the word, she said each letter individually J-u-l-y and July is what she told me. This is just more confirmation July is it.

She confirmed to me more than once that one of the 4 astronauts, Sandra H. Magnus was seen in her dreams, and that the shuttle Atlantis was seen being hit from behind by a rock and the dead being awakened then next the living and that this will happen in July. Rapture will happen after a astronaut does a space walk and the shuttle is hit and before the meteors fall to earth. So
between July 8-31st
Raul D