Randy (10 June 2011)
"How near is the Rapture?  I know this much......"

1) Everything continues to line up around the world.......
The excalation of tension in the Middle East
The inability of Israel and the Palestinians to move forward in talks....
The recent tension when Netenyahu was in DC and Obama makes HIS statements just before his arrival
The address before Congress by Netenyahu and their great show of support.....in stark contrast with Obama's position on the 1967 lines....
2) Economic challenges continue to mount
Europe is again (1 year later) still against the ropes.....and Greece is back in the limelight, too.
The US economy is still suffering......... but, NO US $$ failure (said for those who predicted the demise of the US dollar in earlier posts here this year....yes, I was watching!)
3) The recent "Harold Camping" HIGH visibility Rapture alert..... a shadow of things to come...soon......
4) We are soooooo much closer than we were 10 years ago...and even 1 year ago.

I continue to believe there will be NO total meltdown in the economy or in the US Dollar...UNTIL......the Rapture.  At that time, ALL the dominoes will fall.
PS.....I'm still thinking the rapture is fall, 2012, on Rosh Hashanah....  possibly as "foretold" by the DOW Jones drop on Rosh, 2008 (Sept 29, 2008) when the DOW dropped 777.68 points.  Earlier would be better......... but could it be in 1 year and 3 months and 9 days??  The next year should be filled with a myriad of problems and earthquakes and other birth pangs...... if we are so very near.
PPS....and I just have to add..I just don't see this planet X thing being real.  According to one post I remember....it should have been visible by now.  There are so many amatuer astronomers watching the sky, there is just no way this wouldn't have made the news.  And if it is as small as some say, it's gravitational force will have no impact.  One way or another, all the post seems to say it WILL be near and visible by the end of this year......  I bet nothing will come of this.