Philip (3 June 2011)

Hi John & Dove's , I'm a newbie to this site although have been watching for some month's now & viewing your blog with much interest. I too await the coming of the creator Yeshua . Two nights ago in the early hours of the morning what may be described as vision appeared to me ( only the second time in almost 20 yrs ) . It was very brief -  what appeared before me was a flip top desk calendar in the month of June as it appeared the day's pages flipped beginning at the 1st & kept flipping until it stopped at the 6th of June .
 Here in New Zealand that day is a public holiday ( Queens Birthday Weekend).  Maybe there's significance in this, maybe not.  I felt compelled to share this, as I have also done with my work colleagues . We wait in expectation !
Bye the bye the weather over this coming weekend in NZ is abysmal set to be wet rainy & windy ,.  My prayer,  that the mighty Lord of Host's enshroud you in his cloak as a mother bird will shelter her young, keeping you safe until the day of his return.
Blessings to you all
 Phillip - from the bottom of the world
Welcome to the Doves, Philip!