Paul Wilson (3 June 2011)

I have eliminated nudists completely now - no camps, no comment on their idea of beauty, and no mention of Christian nudists – not sure if the last two were problematic or not but thought I would eliminate them to be sure. Though if you don’t have a problem with them being mentioned I would prefer to include [There are even Christian nudists and nudists seem to have a healthier idea of beauty.] after the ‘I see nudity as the height of beauty’ line. If not then can it be posted as is??? I hate to keep bothering you with this but I want to get this to a point it can be posted so I can get the wisdom of the doves.
Nudity OK or Sinful??
I appreciate nude art, photos, videos and statues. I see nudity as the height of beauty. But I am wondering am I wrong in this belief??? I do NOT like porn or any suggestive or sexual nudes, or non-nudes, but I don’t see a problem with natural nudes and tasteful artistic nudes (I say tasteful to distengush it from things like playboy who some say is art). Not all nudity is sexual (case in point locker rooms aren't a hotbed of sex). I just wonder is my appreciation of these photos, art, statues and videos sinful??? Obviously it was ok at one point as God created us nude and said it was good. Nude art, especially paintings, have been around for centuries especially in Europe. Even here in America you can see in some cities nude statuary especially with fountains. Both Michael Angelo's and Donatello's David’s are very beautiful. There used to be nudist magazines showing nudist in all ages, shapes, and sizes. Again I state unequivocally I hate pornography!! Not only is it against God but it cheapens the body, degrades it, and takes away it’s true beauty. If it weren’t for playboy et al and the porn industry maybe we would appreciate the nude form and maybe society wouldn’t be so obsessed with size (either male or female) or put such emphases on certain body parts (as they have zero impact on beauty).
The YMCA even used to, way back when, teach swimming to kids in the nude (I have seen photos to attest to this and some here are probably seasoned enough to remember it). Back in bygone days kids swam nude at the ol’ swimming hole without being ashamed or feeling their body was inferior to the body of the kid next to them. There is a Norman Rockwell painting illustrating this showing boys holding their clothes running with a sign with ‘no swimming’ on it shown (indicating they were swimming nude obviously without fear of been seen by each other). I have even seen a photo similar to this with boys swimming nude in a pond with a ’no swimming’ sign up. Even in the past in high school and middle school kids showered after gym without fear of being nude in front of your fellow classmates. Now many schools have done away with showering after gym. I feel for those sitting next to them in their classes after gym. I know today’s boys are glad for this no shower development as many, include my self at that age, are convinced that they have the smallest penis of their peers. I don’t know if girls have embarrassment issues but would imagine they do I wouldn’t imagine boys are the only ones.
I am not saying the people in the MK will be walking about nude but I just never saw nudity as a sinful thing by itself but a beautiful thing. I wouldn’t think ‘skinny dipping’ would be a offense in the MK but that nude swimming might be considered acceptable. Not that I have anything against speedo briefs and most other swimwear. I just feel God created your body so you shouldn’t be ashamed of his handiwork. Am I not a good christian because of my stance on nudity??? Am I sinning against God thinking the nude form is beautiful??? Or looking at nude art??? Or is the sinful part not the nudity but the impure thoughts some have when they see nude bodies due to our hyper-sexed culture??? Would paintings, statues, photos, and even videos of nudes be ok as long as they are not viewed with lust and impurity but with appreciation of the beauty shown within???