Paul Wilson (29 June 2011)
"Re: WWIII in Libya AND Syria in Days - B4IN Exclusive | Before It's News"

<<<He is also deeply concerned that if this comes to pass, the Chinese and Russians will be forced to jump in as well (on the other side).>>>
Khrushchev's “prophecy” about to come true??? “We will bury you”.
I don’t trust Russia! They make have taken off the uniforms and changed what they call themselves but the are still as RED as China. They still want to settle the score over the cold war. A few of Oppenheimer's toys lobbed at us would do a lot of damage and I imagine it would be in conjunction with terror attack. If you add a New Madrid quake and a Yellowstone eruption into the equation you have a recipe for major devastation or destruction (judgment) here in the USA. This communist, muslim, socialist, progressive alliance (China, N. Korea, Iran, Russia, American left) spells our doom.