Paul Wilson (27 June 2011)
"given what NY has done"

Would God allow some terrorist attack as judgment????? God abhors sin even when it is a PC sin. Man may accept homo marriages but God says it is a abomination. July is month 7 of 2011 and 7+2=9 /11 using month and first digit of year and then the last two digits of the year. Also July 2nd is 7+2= 9 /11 using the day and month and last two digits of the year. With mid-east tensions high, many talking of July as the rapture, many feeling it is VERY CLOSE and July might very well be it, bin Laden's death, the $2.34 thought to be 234 years  America's age for about another week, and the sin being openly praised worldwide even here in the USA you have to wonder is a attack coming???