Paul Wilson (20 June 2011)
"Son's Dream in October 2010 that Obama is the Antichrist"

I would mention thanksgiving does seem to be based on, or at the very least mirrors, the feast of sukkot – tabernacles. which is this year is Oct 13th – 20th. Almost 1 year after his dream. Now the 13 and 14 have restrictions similar to Sabbath regarding work, the 15th is the Sabbath for Jews, and the 20th has a restriction like the Sabbath. On the 21st is Simchat Torah which is the celebrating of the torah also restricted and the 22 is again the Sabbath. So the tabernacles window would seem to be the 16th-19th.
A cornucopia is a horn of plenty. In the MW dictionary,, says it is a goat’s horn. Also at it says the Talmud requires the shofar be made from the horn of an animal of the bovid family,, except a cow or calf and both sheep and goats are part of this family so it would appear that a shofar could be made from a goats horn like the cornucopia is. The Talmud (I think it is the Talmud) does speak of a wild goats horn (straight) being blown at the temple on Rosh Hashanah between two trumpets (silver). I can’t find reference to it being blown on sukkot.
Nicole (18 June 2011)
"Son's Dream in October 2010 that Obama is the Antichrist"

Just wondering if my son saw a woman become the "governor" from the new world order to take over the North American Union bloc and not really a president per se.

My 8 year old son's dream the night of October 26th - morning of October 27th 2010:
My son saw the rapture. He saw several creatures that had four faces. He described them as circling around him and they had a face of an eagle, bull (he did not know what an ox was), a man and a lion. The creatures swirled around him and took him to a place of pure white and safety. Their garments had Peace on the front as they were looking at us and No Peace on the back of the garments with their backs turned to the world. At the time of the rapture he said he was sitting in his classroom. He then saw something hit the sun and then fireballs coming down during the rapture. He saw a blue light and he said the Rapture for us was such a nice experience. It was like time was longer for us to experience it, but so fast for the world. He then saw news stations screaming that people need to run for cover because the aliens had come.

He described who was left behind in my family. He said my great uncle was left behind because he was saved, but there was something he wasn't giving up. Personally he has always had a problem with alcohol (not an occasional drink, but sometimes 18 beers a day). He saw my new husband left behind because he was making money, his job, his looks and his mother a god. He was on the road to salvation but my son said he would be killed sometime during the tribulation by a gun shot. He said my new husband experienced hell for a few minutes and made a decision for Christ. My son said that a person approached my husband's mother. She is pretty old and has a lot of pain in her legs, has smoked for 50 years, and has many health problems. The person said that the mark (it was a tattoo/microchip as a sunburst almost like the BP logo between the pointer finger and the thumb on the top of the right hand) would make his mother feel great, take away her pain and then look younger. She said in his dream, anything to get rid of this pain in my legs! And people who were taking the mark started appearing as if they had a makeover. My son said that the makeover lasted just long enough to get as many people to take the mark as they could, then the effect wore off. My son said it was like a spell that was casted but it was not from God. My son said after the beauty wore off of those taking the mark, their appearance became so hideously ugly.

My son said after my new husband made a decision for Christ, he brought thousands of people into the kingdom. My son said he had to rely on the words I taught him. I do not understand this, but I figure that maybe the electricity or internet, books are gone?

My son said my new husband's family after they died were all outside the gate of "God's house" during the feast and it was still during the tribulation. My son said that some of us as people we knew were coming in from death went out from God's house, out the gate and met them and hugged them. He said he saw my new husband's father look out the window and told his son he was glad to see him. He said my new husband was thankful just to be outside the gate playing with children even though he was not inside feasting.

He said that someone tried to assassinate Obama after the rapture. It created a fake race war to lie to the people so the evil men could form the global government. My son saw people being shot everywhere. He then saw a blonde headed woman become President and she (as he described) made taxes on houses high that people were living in tents on the streets because they lost their houses. He then saw Obama come back to life but he was not Obama anymore. My son said he could not tell but it seemed Obama died and then Satan mimicked Obama's body? It was a big lie my son said. My son said he saw all of the snakes of the world come together to form the antichrist. Then the two old snakes from Moses time (when Moses threw down his rod and his snake ate the other 2 snakes) were thrown out of the antichrist into two powerful men. These two men had control of the mark of the beast.

My son said he saw the Lord have a beautiful house as my son described almost like a diamond castle. He said those that were raptured were in this place and eating. We were reunited with our families and our little puppy was there. He said he saw my house, his little house and it had steps that had a waterfall over them but you did not slip down them. He said on our street we had a huge flag of the star of David.

Before many studies of Hanukkah, my son said he saw a cornucopia on the table at my little house and he saw Abraham Lincoln. I had begun to think that sometime before or after Thanksgiving was the approximate time of the rapture. As to know the season...but I had known that this was an American holiday and not a Jewish.  (Note: still do not know what the cornucopia means?)