Paul Wilson (1 June 2011)
"Re Robes or clothing in Heaven"

I don’t think they are “totally different” it seem this is but a shadow of what is in heaven. things are not great but the best here is but ordinary there.
Susan B (31 May 2011)
"Re: Robes or clothing in Heaven?"

Re: Robes or clothing in Heaven?
That question gave me a chuckle.  Something I had not thought about too much.  I would imagine though that just as we are given new incorruptible bodies we will be given new clothes - perhaps these clothes will form a part of our new bodies and adapt and change to what we will be doing....
just a thought.  I can't imagine people playing sport in heaven - although perhaps there will be different kinds of recreation or a "higher level" kind of sport.
We can't really identify Heaven with the world here because it's just going to be so totally different.  I don't mind surprises - especially of the wonderful kind!!
ysiC, Susan.