Parker (9 June 2011)
"To Fay / salvation of others"

I was reading what you mentioned about your best friend in the eastern  
religion. Which as you may already know in fact is occultic. I would  
recommend to you an author named Dr. Rebecca Brown M.D and she  
ministers dealing with spiritual warfare she talks about the eastern/
new age in her 2nd book Prepare for War. If you have tried telling  
your friend about the gospel and she is ready and listening but just  
cant seem to bring herself to accepting Jesus Christ you might want to  
speak over her or go in another room and speak against  the mind-
binding spirits that have her mind bound from accepting the gospel.  
Then wait a few min. and tell her the gospel again. The scripture for  
this is 2 corinthians 4:3-4. Dr. rebecca brown also explains it in her  
book. But always seek the Lord on the matter because this is spiritual  
warfare and is to be taken seriously when coming against satan and his  
demons. This is also helpful for those ministering the gospel to  
anyone not even involved in occultiic background. Her books are very  
helpful to anyone wanting not to be ignorant of the devils schemes. It  
is time for true Christians to stand and fight.- In Christ -Parker