Pamela (29 June 2011)
"Thank you"

Dr Wills,
Thank you for your informative articles. I just want to share with you that I believe that this late in the day, the Rapture and Tribulation period are likely to start together or after a short interval. I believe that 2018 is the time limit to the end of the tribulation period. I also know that the Rapture is likely to occur on a feast day that coincides with a New Moon. The longer we are around the more likely that the Rapture and Tribulation period have to start on the same day considering time limits. I am certain that the outrageous suggested peace plan for Israel will soon be confirmed.
I believe that July 30th being the correct day of Pentecost this year and Rosh Hashanah this year are likeliest days for the Rapture. As for the Tribulation period I think that the day the U.N recognises the proposed Palestinian State is the day the tribulation will start. Praise God! Pamela