Pamela (17 June 2011)
"End Times"

Hullo John,
I enjoy following up the letters on 5 Doves. I agree with the many who say we are about to see some very significant final pre Rapture events. Remember brothers and sisters,  that even though the restraining power of the Holy Spirit will be completely removed at the Rapture, in the lead up to that He is being removed in an escalating manner. The effects of this is that the fake civility and sophistication of the Satanic kingdom will not be able to hold. They will have no option but to demonstrate their evil nature for all of us born again christians to see and understand just before we are removed from harm's way. I honestly believe that the Rapture will occur on or before Tu B'Av 15/08/2011 this year. So expect the antichrist to keep demonstrating his satanic character more and more. Neither him nor any of his minions or any other satanic person will be able to help themselves! Perhaps we need to keep an eye on that whole satanic system plus Israel and the Middle East very. very closely over the next few weeks. Be blessed all in Jesus' name. Pamela
Welcome to the Doves, Pamela!