Nando (16 June 2011)

This comment came today for the articles I posted about the Tribulations coming in July. Bob presents valid questions and issue and they required a serious answer from me.

Bob 196

Hi Nando
I meant no offense to you so please do not take my comments as such. We are both believers and looking for the coming of Jesus for us. What I am trying to say is that God speaks to His children, there is no doubt, but He never says anything contrary to His Word to us in Scripture. If the Tribulation is to start in July, then we will have the man of lawlessness revealed to us in July as well. Time will tell what happens, but telling folks that the Book of Revelation will begin in July based on some license plate numbers that come close to you on any given day is no way to gain credibility for our Gospel message, especially if nothing happens. If the Lord wants to tell you when the Book of Revelation will begin then He will probably stay consistent with His announcement in Matthew ,That it will be as in the days of Noah and He will tell ALL His righteous ones [ people like Noah ] that the time is very near. Perhaps, even like He told Noah, in 7 days the flood will begin. Now, the question begs the asking; What event will start the clock on the beginning of the 7 years of the Tribulation or the Book of Revelation as you put it? Some very identifiable event mentioned in Scripture prophecy must occur so that time of days mentioned in Revelation can be counted from this starting point, so that the fulfillment of events mentioned in Revelation, tied to a time line starting point, becomes evident. Believe me when I say it would be great to have the Book of Revelation start in July because then the Lord’s coming would be very evident but that does not seem to fit with many other Scriptures that point to a later time yet. Be blessed.

Bob yes I am aware of the implications of the Tribulation starting in July. Some of the things that will occur is the appearance of the two witnesses, the confirmation of the seven year covenant by the Antichrist, the opening of the first seal in heaven and the coming of the white horse the Antichrist, the coming shortly after of war as the red horse, and all the other prophecies that may happen before as the Psalm 83 war, the Ezequiel 38-39 war, the destruction of Damascus in Isaiah 18 and the possible Rapture of the church.
Yes it is with great awareness of the consequences of the statement that I issued and posted that post. For a great portion of the readers such a suggestion of Jesus communicating through license plates would be absurd and completely deranged.
Never the less this is the way he chose to communicate with me and he has done it for more than 27 years already.
It all started in the end of October of 1977 when I was reading the Bible and praying in the apartment where I lived. I had opened the front door that opened to an isle of the ground floor of the building and at 6PM the sun was setting and the sun came into my apartment to illuminate it fully. Then at that moment He had a white dove fly inside my apartment and land in the mat at the front door, all this witnessed by me with the bible in my hand and sitting in my living room sofa.
This is how His communication started. A few years latter He made it a point of placing a car with the license plate having the # 77 at least once in my path every time I went out. I started a system of asking for a question and waiting for an answer as positive if I saw one, two or three or more 77 or 777 for a yes in the trip that I made.
A very important answer to a question was once confirmed with 15 plates having the 77 or the 777 in a round trip of less than two hours. So yes I am used to this communication and the scorn and sneers that they elicit from people that find it hard to believe what is being described.
Now what I related was a true description of what I saw and the interpretation that I gave was the one I was inspired to give, and regardless of the interpretation just think what the probabilities of seeing the same number in plates three times in a short car trip would be for that to happen by chance and seeing the same plate # the next day in a very short trip also.

I take this testimony very seriously and I hope you will do so also.