Nando (16 June 2011)
"Another Warning of the Start of the Apocalypse in July of 2011"


June 15, 2011

Another Warning of the Start of the Apocalypse in July of 2011

In two of the posts preceding this one I have related the message that Jesus sent me through license plates about the start of the Apocalypse (the Bible has 66 books and the last book #66 is the book of Revelation or also know as the book of the Apocalypse) on July 2011.

Today I received another such message and I am posting it for you to know also and be prepared.

This morning about eleven I took my car to go to my accountant’s office to pick up some tax papers.

As I was to turn in into his office parking lot from the main avenue a car drives by with the license plate starting in X77 *** (*equals letters) which is the number that He and I use to communicate by license plates.

I turn in and parallel park in the parking lot and as I am going out a car comes in with the license plate V06 6QW. I go in and my accountant asks me: when is the end going to be?

Well at this point I told him to follow me outside and I took him to see the car with the above plates so that he could be a witness to this the latest of the warnings.

We went back into his office and finished the tax papers and then I went on to explain the meaning and the plates that I had seen last week pointing to July as the start of the Apocalypse in my interpretation of the numbers found in the plates.