Nando (11 June 2011)
"Another confirmation of Tribulation on July"

June 10, 2011 Another confirmation of Tribulation on July

Well the confirmation has continued today. This afternoon I had to go to my ear doctor. On the way out of the building parking and about three cars away from where I was parked the was a car with the license plate starting in 777 ___ and a few cars ahead one with the plates 277 ___ on the same row. I went down the ramps to leave the building and less than two blocks away I stop at the red light and on my left comes a car which stops ahead of mine. My amazement was total when the plates were 766 XFY which is the fourth car since yesterday that I see with these numbers. In Florida plates have three or two numbers and the rest are letters.

I continued driving and the last leg of the trip I take the same expressway I took yesterday and with only one other car at the time his license plate was X66 XSY, again the 66 for the book of Revelation.

It is beyond the usual that these events of yesterday and today were coincidences and not a communication from Jesus.

My question to myself is why to me and what can I do except posted here for the readers of this blog. My family and friends will not pay attention to this warning and they will not believe any of it, so that leaves you the few who will read this post to spread the word if you believe it means what I have interpreted.

There may be other ways of seeing a different meaning to this message of numbers and you the reader may see it.

If the gematria of Barack Hussein Obama is 793 and we take 766 from it we get the number 27 which is 9+ 9 + 9 . How about doves, any other meaning?