Mike M (16 June 2011)


Well said Bob.

Everything you wrote is what I have come to learn over the last few years. It starts with the Old Testament being a physical example of spiritual truth. The New Testament is spiritual truth.  Even Jewish Rabbis say the old is masculine and the new is feminine.  Feminine is the Spirit (your mother, often times referred to as wisdom in the Bible. This is why the Bible says she feeds you when you cry out to her) and masculine is the soul. We are made up of 3 things (Body, Soul, and Spirit). The Body is dust, it’s meaningless, just a vessel to carry the soul and spirit. The soul is who you are, it is eternal, it gets to make its own choices. The spirit is what the soul marries up with. If the soul does not choose the Holy Spirit, it leaves itself open for “other” spirits, which greatly influence the choices you make. The great harlot is false wisdom (spiritual wisdom). You do not want to lead down the path to her house, you will die and never escape (per proverbs). Her daughters are everywhere, waiting for a poor soul to take them in. The family unit is very spiritual in meaning when mentioned in the BIBLE. It stands for everything you are and what you have become. I believe this is what is meant when Christ stated you need to be prepared to leave your family to follow Him, meaning you will need to leave your current understanding and everything you think you are (your current wife(wisdom), and your offspring (what you have turned yourself into).

I believe the 10 commandments are spiritual commandments since the death of Christ. We no longer follow physical sin when we have the Holy Spirit married up with us, but God’s commandments still apply in a spiritual way. “Honor your Father and Mother” is a simple one, you just have to listen to the Holy Spirit and turn to God to accomplish that one. “Thou shalt not Kill” is referring to spiritual death. Never think of opening your mouth to another person when they want to know about “spirituality” unless you know what you are talking about. Saying the wrong thing can lead that person down the path of death. Many of us think Joel Olsteen is a false teacher, and I believe he is leading many people down the wrong path, quite possibly he will be held accountable for killing many (as an example). “Thou shalt not commit adultery” is referring to spiritual adultery against God. Do not look at another woman (false wisdom or spirit), it is punishable with death. I could go on all day but I hope you get the picture.

Revelation is exactly what Bob said, it’s spiritual in meaning as defined by the rest of the BIBLE. Do not look at any of the contents with physical eyes, you need your spiritual glasses on. Every word you read you need to be asking yourself “what is the spiritual meaning of that”. Many of the meanings are defined right there in revelation such as REV 4:5 “And out of the throne proceeded lightnings and thundering and voices: and there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God”. The tougher ones are not defined in the same sentence such as Rev 9:8 “And they had hair as the hair of women, and their teeth were as the teeth of lions”. We are told that men should not have long hair for God is their covering. Women are covered by their man (again, this is spiritual in meaning, a physical woman falls under the man category and the spiritual woman falls under the spirit or wisdom category). When Rev 9:8 states they had hair as women, this means they have pride in themselves and do not trust in God, this is not some physical monster coming to life, it is a spiritual monster metaphor.

With this understanding, Revelation applies to all mankind since the death of Christ, not just those alive at the end of the age. Your soul is still alive after your physical body dies and will still see the end of the Age in some way. One thing is for sure, the end of the Age is near, and we can count on the return of Christ soon. It will be much better to choose God during your physical life rather than going through any kind of Great tribulation with your soul.

One more thing, I would like to put my 2 cents in for the meaning of 666. Again, we are made up of Body, Soul, and Spirit. 666 is the # of man. 6 is assigned for each the body, soul, and spirit. 666 means you are for yourself and without God. Everything you do(hand) and think (forehead) will be motivated by self, not God. When you have the mark (spiritual mark) you will be self serving, without the will of God.

Mike M