Mike Curtiss (10 June 2011)
"Media Driven News What is really happening in the Middle East?"

Media Driven News What is really happening in the Middle East?
Jerusalem Prayer Team ^ | 6/9/11 | Mike Evans

The media isn't telling us the truth! The Middle East is in a spiritual battle driven by Islam. Over 500 million youth are unemployed and poor. The battle is being waged in mosques, madrasas, and by mullahs. The center of gravity is the bazaar. Who is fueling this battle? The New Age secular, Liberal Left media in the U.S. run by ideologues from the 1960's revolution is in the forefront. It kills the soul while the body is left to the jihadists.

For example, CNN might go to the Palestinian Authority and request they plan their riot at 11:00 a.m. so it could be up-linked for the evening news. In Somalia, I saw ABC employees living in a warlord's villa, protected by the owner's henchmen. I saw CNN in Lebanon throw a baby doll into the ashes while telling a woman to go to the bombed house and cry, "They killed my child," simply to get a poignant shot. They are lying to us—and Israel is in the crosshairs!

At the heart of liberalism is a belief that evil does not really exist. The desire is to push the Bible, Israel, and moral clarity out of the way. Anyone who dares contradict the Liberal Media is considered evil, a racist, and a bigot. The dumbing down of America is in full swing, all in the name of political correctness and New Age godless globalism.

A former U.S. chief of staff told me that the media determines when wars are fought and when they are stopped. The media wants to use democratic ideals to overthrow dictators; they want to define the terms of the debate. That plan was accomplished in Iran; the Shah went from friend of the West to being portrayed as Satan incarnate. The same thing has now been done to Mubarak.

Are the demonstrators radicals? No, they rarely are. In Iran they came only to overthrow a monarch. The radicals, however, were gaming the system and used the innocent demonstrators to achieve their objectives.

Who is behind the upheaval in Egypt? Is it al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah, or the Muslim Brotherhood? It's all about Shariah law which considers an Islam state ruled by the Koran a democracy.

Why is Egypt so important? It is ground zero in the Muslim world for fighting terrorists and supporting Israel. If it can be taken over with its 82-plus million people, the virus can be spread to the entire Muslim world, and then to the West. Terrorists are waiting to turn Egypt into another Afghanistan.

What part is Iran playing? Its leaders are spending a fortune and have Revolutionary Guard agents in Egypt as do Hamas and Hezbollah. The terrorists are working the crowds as only trained rabble-rousers can do.

What can be done to stop it? Israel is the key. It is the only stable regime in the Middle East, but for how long? President Obama plans to appease Arab rage by supporting the UN plan for Palestinian statehood in September with an Islamic capital in East Jerusalem. It would become the forty-fifth Islamic capital.