Michele Kennedy (27 June 2011)
""Korahlations" ..........Israel's Visitation & Restoration"

Korah and Israel's Visitation and Reviving to Life.  Mystery hidden in the Psalms.
SEarching Every Reference to KORAH I found something very interesting:
Korah 37 Times Mentioned 
37 is the Number of Yeshua.
12th prime number
# 7141 Korah meaning Bald, Ice, Hail;
JUDGMENT elements!
Qor/Qar: 7119/7120 COLD, cool, calm, self possessed (of spirit).
Qarah #7135 COLD 
OT Yeshua is seeking to restore His LOST ONE out of the 100.
ONE out of 10 Lost Coins & One out of 100 Lost Sheep. (Mulitiples of 10. Ten = Accumulations, and Multitudes, Inummerable)
99 Blasts of the Shofar are on Rosh Ha Shanah (Gentiles represented in this 99 group).
And then ONE Last  LONG BLAST, The 100th is then heralding the time of Israel's Visitation/Judgment.
"LOST" Last Mention is OT is in Ezekiel 37:11 "The Valley of Dry Bones" being LOST!
Abraham promised Isaac at 99 years, but in One more Year Sarah would have THE PROMISED SON, ISAAC.
Gematria of 308 = 4 x 7 x 11
Other words with the same 308 Gematria:
77 OT Hebrew Words
   8 NT Greek Words
Some of the References Here:
Arba (4)
Barak (blessing, cursings both)
Korah (bald, ice, hail)
Eliazer (rep. Holy Spirit to get a bride for Isaac)
Hunger (7 years of Famine)
Horonaim (Masons)
Smith (Masons) 
Shut  (shut in)
All References to KORAH given in order listed:
Genesis  36:5, 14,  16, 18    (4)
Exodus    6:21, 24   (2)
The Account of Korah:
Numbers 16:1, 5, 6, 8, 16, 19, 24, 27, 32, 40, 49    (11)
Numbers 26:9, 10, 11    (3)
Numbers 27:3     (1)
21 references
6 16 26 27 36 (number sequenced in order Mulitples of 10)
2 11  *3  1  4    (references given accordingly)
??? Is this a hidden number code for the year 2011?  21 Mentions? Beginning of Tribulation.
 (*314 and 413 possible meaning given bottom page)
21 (7 X 7 X 7) Judgment upon Israel represented here.   2011???
1 Chron. 1:35
1 Chron. 2:43
1 Chron. 6:22, 37
1 Chron. 9:19
4 References
Ps. 42:1
Ps. 44:1
Ps. 45:1
Ps. 46:1
Ps. 47:1
Ps. 48:1
Ps. 49:1
7 references  Excluding Psalm 43
Psalm 84:1
Psalm 85:1
Psalm 87:1
Psalm 88:1
 4 references 
Excluding Psalm 86
These Psalms references start with 42, and 84.... Double (42 X 2= 84)
But Psalm 43 Number is Missing!
43 Represents the number of the Holy Spirit, Light, Truth and Exceeding Joy
86 Double portion of Holy Spirit!!!!  43 (43 X 2= 86)
Notice the ref.  numbers are 4, 7, 4. 
Psalms Ref. 4 + 7 = 11   
 4 x 7 x 11 = 37!!!     Yeshua's Number
4+7+4 = 15 The Number of VICTORY.... Isreal/ The Lost Remnant is SAVED and the Church are NOW ONE!  The Victory is now Complete!!!
Israel's Final Redemption will also be Yeshua's greatest Victory.
Why is Psalm 43 Missing?  There is NO mention of Korah/Baldness/Judgment in this number 43.  Why?
Holy Spirit is represented in this Number.  This is the number of Grace; Israel's Redemption 43.
Hebrew #43 Abyacaph:    "My Father Has Gathered"
 1 Chronicles Chapters listed Abyacaph is found only in these reference Chapters!
Why is Psalm 86 is Missing. 43 + 43 = 86 DOUBLE Portion
(Elisha was given a Double Portion of Holy Spirit)
Elijah was already taken away, But Elisha represent Israel who will receive a double portion of the Holy Spirit to endure the Tribulation and become Yeshua's Victory!
86 Abeck: 
Meaning: "A Shout Made to Announce Joseph's Chariot,  Command, Bow the Knee!!!!"              Yeshua's 2nd COMING!!!!!!
Found ONLY ONCE in Genesis 41:43
(gematria of ELOHIM/GOD = 86)
"And he made him to ride in the second chariot which he had; and they cried before him, Bow the knee, and he made Him ruler over all the land of Egypt."
2 Coming depicted in the 2nd Chariot!!!
References to the phrase "Every Knee should Bow"
1 OT Ref. Isaiah 45:23
"I have sworn by myself, the word is gone out of my mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, That unto me Every Knee Shall Bow, every tongue shall swear"
2 NT Ref. 
Rom. 14:11 (6th book)
Phl.    2:10  (11th Book) 
OT 11th book is 1 Kings.
OT 6th book is Joshua
1 Kings 2:10:  David Died
Josh. 14:11:   Joshua Strength  Endures
Joshua is the Son of NUN.    Nun:  Perpetual, Eternal, Branch and growth shoot. LIFE
 Interpretation: * David representing OT dies, and Joshua/Yeshua Represents NT/Holy Spirit Power/Strength for Israel that Endures / SALVATION
Psalms 42-49 - 7 references. 
Israel's 7 years of Tribulation; Jacobs Trouble
Time of their Salvation?
(Gen. 45:11) 
In the 2nd Year of the Famine, Israel REPENTS & RECEIVES Their Salvation, Yeshua/Joshua!
There are still 5 years of Famine left to come.
Israel's Visitation/Salvation/Double Portion Holy Spirit Poured out.
Psalms 84-88
84/ 8 + 4 = 12  2012
85/ 8 + 5 = 13  2013
                   Psalm 86/2014 (The Holy Spirit Comes to Fill Yeshua's Brothers!) 
87/ 8 + 7 = 15  2015
88/8 +  8 = 16  2016
Hebrew Strongs word # 216 LIGHT
More Amazing Correlations for #43 and RESSURECTION
The Movie "The Star of Bethlehem"  reveals through the alignment of the Jupiter and Regulas in retrograde, (back and forth movements but from our perspective aligns right next to Jupiter, making the brightest star in the Heavens)  proclaiming His Birth to the Wise men of the East.
Then the death of Yeshua is also revealed in this wonderful movie.
The Sun Eclipse in broad daylight, making it night, the moon arose as a Blood Moon that morning, and The Curtain of the Holy of HOLIES was torn from Top to Bottom heralding Yeshua's blood ATONEMENT was finished.  We no longer needed a Priest to enter into His Presence.  Yeshua was the Eternal High Priest Forever, after the order of Melchizedek!
And then the GRAVES (308) were opened up and the DEAD ROSE UP, OUT OF THE DUST and walked again on the earth! 
Could this represent those who were dead, but by His Resurrection they now LIVE!!!???
Could This also in the FUTURE represents Israel who will RISE UP FROM THE DUST OF  THE DEAD,  as prophesied in Ezekiel 37???
Isaiah 26:19 also gives a reference to this event. 
"Your dew is as the dew of herbs and the Earth shall cast out the dead."
Dew is a picture of the 'night mist' that alights on top of vegetation renewing it, freshening it, quickening it to life! This is in correlation to the number of Korah.
DEW Is Mentioned 37 times! 
KORAH is Mentioned 37 Times.
Prov. 19:12
"The Kings wrath is as the roaring of a Lion, but His favor is as dew upon the grass."
Dew: Hebrew word #2919 TAL
TAL 37th/Last Mention is in;
Zechariah 8:12
"For the Seed shall be prosperous; the vine shall give her fruit, and the ground shall give her increase, and the heavens shall give their dew, and I will cause the remnant of this people to possess all these things."
Israel's the Remnant Seed of us all!  Grafted back into the Olive Tree, Alive and is REBORN!
 More Correlations of the Number 43:
Yeshua was crucified on the Exact day of Passover, when the  heavenly signs proclaimed His coming.
April 3, 33 AD
OR  4/3/33
         43! 33
This concludes my correlations between Korah and Israel's Judgement and Restoration.
I wanted to share with you what I found with these numbers as mentioned in reference to Korah references:
413 and 314
413 is the Hebrew Word
EL Meaning: Denoting Motion Towards
314 is the Hebrew Word
Achrown Meaning: Last, Latter, End, Rearward, Late, Hinder as facing East- WEST;
To come Following; Last Generation
"As the Lightening flashes from the East and Shineth unto the West (Last Generation), So shall the Coming of the Son of Man be."
Thoughts on EL:  ELENIN
413 and the Comet/Dwarf Star ELENIN
EL # 410 Denoting Motion Towards
NiYN: #5209 Son, Progeny; NUN Perpetual, To ReSprout, Propagate by Shoots.
Translation: "Yeshua is Coming Towards Us"
Closest Approach on Sept. 26-28th, 2011.
Rosh Ha Shanah is on Sept. 29, 30, 2011