Michele Kennedy (14 June 2011)
"dream of  30 DAY.... GLOBAL WARNING FOR ELENIN ???"

Dear Doves and All Ye Patient and Long Suffering Saints, whose Hope and Joy is in the Lord’s Soon Return.   


This letter is in reference to a dream I had recently.


The  last dream remember was  before Pentecost  on 5/27/11 I believe ,  where the time frame of 30 days was given. 


In the dream, My husband had 30 days to get to the bathroom for then  the door would be closed. In the dream he dreamt that too, and  in the dream, awoke and said he had 30 days to get to the bathroom. Even though he got up right then to go to the bathroom, the door was shut already.


We talked about  this dream, and pondered it’s meaning, and the Lord gave him the understanding that the bathroom is a private chamber for doing private things, like getting yourself ready, cleaned up, and to observe ourselves in truth,  where we are naked and bare.


I thought the  30 days were a admonition to my husband to get himself ready now,  for in 30 days the rapture would take place. I thought it was counted  from the day I had the dream 5/27/11


Elinin’s arrival 9/26/11 and my Flood Dream of 10/26/01


It  is exactly a 30 day interval there.

 Note the date is not before but afterwards.  This wasn’t a warning then but a reference to a date and the 30 days correlating to it possibly. 


The meanings of this dream have become revealed to me over and over again.

Highlights of the Flood Dream of 10.26.01

The 3 Beasts who I described as Abominable Snowmen were tan in color


Tan in Hebrew #8565

“ from an unused root probl meaning to Elongate; a Monster ( as preter-naturally formed), ie, a sea-serpent (or other huge marine animal) also a jackal (or other hideous land animal;)  dragon, whale.


There were 3 of them as representing the unholy trinity.

Standing of a ROUND piece of ice with a hole in the midst.


Round is a symbol for the sun god Osiris, Isis, (the strange woman) 

Also the Ephah as a round thing.#374

Zech. 5


Ice  #7140

Qarach    (Korah) “perished in the gainsaying of Core.”Jude 1:11


From 7138:  To Depilate make self bald.

Ice as if BALD, Smooth hence, hail, by resemblance, rock, crystal, frost, ice.

These creatures were hairy all over, but standing on ICE.


The victim was bound HAND TO FOOT.

Matt. 22:13

“Then said the King to the servants, Bind him hand and foot, and take him away, and cast him into outer darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”


They were shown a piece of land mass of Earth, and based on the victims reaction, their fate was sealed.

This victim smiled at the land mass.

The creature took him by the head and cracked his skull on the inside of the ice and the other creature dropped the victim through the hole.

“outer darkness.”


Their reaction is one depicting a love for the mother earth.  This is the nephilim/fallen angel’s deception.  For anyone who loves the earth or the things in the earth, does not love God.  

But these fallen angels have a message to bring peace to the earth through their vibration method of getting rid of those whose vibration is not right with theirs and allowing those who are to live.  They call it their ‘Evacuation’.


The people who were in the dry sandstone riverbed were as zombie’s, walking around just living there.  They had no emotion on their faces at all when we came up to their faces and warned them of the impending disaster coming upon them.  They continued walking, orderly but without life.


This concept has come into focus just recently really.  The zombies are  the exact word I used to describe these back in 2001.  Now we are hearing this term in association with the CDC about impending disasters preparedness!!!  How’s that for a sign!  Amazing to me  I could have never known unless it was prophetically revealed in time.  And I knew it would be.



The sandstone riverbed, is in reference to utter destruction.  As The house that was built on sand and these were living there.  The riverbed is in the direct path of the coming destruction.


Matt. 7:26

“And every one that heareth these sayings of mine and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man which built his house upon the sand.

27 And the rain descended and the FLOODS came and the winds blew and beat upon that house and it fell, and great was the fall of it.”


Notice the number 26 again here. Hmmm

The word Heareth was depicted as key to escaping this disaster.  The Zombie’s didn’t Hear anything. 


The location of the flood was down a steep mountain valley, in a great pine forest. 

The forest is also been revealed as correlating to the Nephilim along with Honey.  Meaning multitudes of abundance, like something that reproduces itself in multitudes, like worms, maggots etc.    Honey is found in the forests generally in tree’s, these CEDAR trees are a type depicting the Nephilim’s Characteristics.


Needles  in Mulititudes

Cones and bark in SCALES (snakes lizards and fish)  Fish is in reference to Sirius as well.

They are very strong but flexible

Very tall stature

Lightweighted for their strength

Used by Masons to build, fabricate idols of wood


I am now wondering if the dream of the 30 days if in reference to a warning time frame,   The world will become aware of the disaster approaching the Earth maybe through NASA and the Major News stations, radio and internet etc and be exactly a 30 day time frame.


Interesting to me, this morning I was reading about Samson, and the number 30 and 300 was the predominant number he used.  I pondered the meaning of this number even Today!!!


What’s this all mean???


Warning is coming to the Earth and they will be given 30 days to get to the Bathroom before the door closes/ locks.  There was a gatekeeper of this door too.

Gatekeeper: #8176  Sha ar  To Split or open; to act as a Gatekeeper. 

The word for Interpretation of a dream in Hebrew is also the act of something opened, or split apart.


Rapture implied.


My dad had a one and only rapture dream the Lord gave him.  He is not one to get dreams of spiritual nature, but this dream brought him to realize that the rapture was an event that was really going to happen!!! He told me the dream again recently and had the same enthusiasm he did 4 years ago, when he had the dream. 


One part of the dream there were 3 old women sitting in a porch swing together.  They were all dressed in white dresses and bonnets, and were exactly the same.  I believe that these 3 old women represent 3 days warning for him.  I told him that too in May.    

But the number 3 could now be alluding to a 30 day global warning going out into the world about Elenin possibly.


We will see then if this comes to pass or not.  The only thing left to do now is  get ready now, pray that you may be accounted worthy to escape all these things and stand before the Son of Man.