Michael Lorion (26 June 2011)
"Re: need yer help"

Hello MAP,
About how come God didnt just burn satan

I will try to explain this...I hope it will help you. Its because of God, being perfect in all things, cant just ignore forever the accusation that there is another being who is claiming to be a god, or claiming to be like God. The accusation causes a perfect essence of being totally the one and only God, having no other gods before me, still true, but now, having it challenged, requires the truth to be proven, so there is no challenges. And, this cannot stay this way for eternity, this counter claim, that is. So, God, being perfect in justice decided that it would not do to outright send satan to the Lake of Fire. Why? Because there was no court case to determine who is indeed correct in their claims. The perfect patience in God went beyond the ability to put up with satans accusations that he was like God . The perfect patience of God gave rise to the idea of witnesses for the court case to come. But he witnesses need to be impartial. OK, The problem, so far is that there are no Impartial witnesses. All the angels of both sides can see who God really is and they will say their testimony according to their present position...of who they are sided with...God or satan...right? So, Mankind was a being made who simply could not see into the spirit realm. Ah! perfect witnesses for the court case. Ever since mankind was made, satan has been trying to corrupt mankind, so his testimony to the big question of God's dilema would be made against God. Any answer than God is God will do for satan. That testimony would not show God's claim was true. But if a human being were to discover that God was indeed God, on His own, in faith and searching out the Word of God, then his testimony would say God is right in his claim. This may be another reason why Jesus is willing to forgive and love a sinner, as that sinner,not seeing into the spirit realm either, chooes Jesus as his Lord! No wonder heaven rejoyces! So, anyways...This is why everyone is going to be judged. Satan will also be judged. And the answers you give as testimony will be good testimony or lying testimony, depending on what you believe about God. When that trial concludes, and you testified on behalf of God and His claims, you will be highly valued by Him.If you are found in the book of Life, no worries! If you dont testify on His behalf or pretend to lie your way into His favor He will know. Youre testimony will be lying testimony. Or if you never cared either way, or never bothered to find out who God really is, your testimony will probably not do well either. At the Great White Throne everyone who is not found written in the book of Life will be cast into the Lake of fire. Now, for the Christian, There is a better situation. The christian gets an eternal life in the presence of God. Even if a man just decides at his last breath to believe truly, in Christ he will be given eternal life. If you did alot for the work of Christ you'll get rewards from Him. If you are a believer, but did ness or not much at all for Christ, youll get less rewards...but the point is....a true testimony goes along way concerning God. And a lying testimony concerning God goes along way to. Each, though end up in a different eternal situation. This dilema of God will be in court eventually. With the claims of Satan, and all his followers, including those satan followers of the human race, all over this world nowadays, its hard to see how it is. But it started as a spiritual battle, it continues as one, and we humans are the last to realize it it seems. We must Give God our testimony for His sake. We must refute satans testimony by claiming God! God will work this out in a perfect justice way...takes a while, but at least satan cant claim God threw him in the lake of fire without a fair trial someday? See my point? When these things are all over, the dilema will be resolved. God will be free of any counter-claims to what He has said of Himself now for all eternity! Oh, and the claims from satan did not keep God from remaining perfectly in Perfection during all that time, because He always is perfect of course, but it was that there were claims about it at all that were the imperfection area. I hope you know what Im trying to say and I hope this helped. Bless you! Mike