Michael Colunga (16 June 2011)
"Today's happy thought:  Fast of Gedaliah, 2015"

Hello, John and Doves,
In 2015, the Fast of Gedaliah will immediately follow the two days of Rosh Hashanah, 1 Tishrei, 5776 and 2 Tishrei, 5776.
Thus, September 16, 2015 will mark that year's celebration of the Fast of Gedaliah.  Even if you don't believe 2015 is necessarily the year of the LORD's return, you may still find the following to be interesting reading.
The reading for September 14, 2015--Rosh Hashanah 1--is Samuel 1:1 to Samuel 2:10.  Hannah, the formerly barren women, gives birth to Samuel, who is then dedicated to the LORD.  This reading ends with some powerful verses:
    "He will protect his faithful ones,
        but the wicked will disappear in darkness.
      No one will succeed by strength alone."
    "Those who fight against the LORD will be shattered.
     He thunders against them from heaven;
         the LORD judges throughout the earth.
     He gives power to his king;
          he increases the strength of his anointed one."  1 Samuel 2:9-10
The reading for September 15, 2015--Rosh Hashanah 2--is Jeremiah 31:2 to 31:20.  Perhaps this will mark the day that Israel, having fled to the mountains, will return to Jerusalem!
    "But now this is what the LORD says:
        'Do not weep any longer,
            for I will reward you, says the LORD.
        'Your children will come back to you
            from the distant land of the enemy.'
    " 'There is hope for your future,' says the LORD.
           Your children will come again to their own land."  Jeremiah 31:16-17
The reading for September 16, 2015--the Fast of Gedaliah--is Isaiah 55:6 to 56:8.
This passage closes with:
    "For the Sovereign LORD,
        who brings back the outcasts of Israel, says:
      'I will bring others, too,
          besides my people Israel.' "  Isaiah 56:8
This verse in the Tanakh is equivalent to Jesus' words:
    "I have other sheep, too, that are not in this sheepfold.  I must bring them also.  They will listen to my voice, and there will be one flock with one shepherd."  John 10:16
Keep looking up!
Baruch HaShem Adonai,
Mike C.