Mary Anna (9 June 2011)
"Keith T  Mary Anna re Thomas Merton"


   We're just going to have to agree to disagree!  Obviously you only know what is not Christian about Thomas Merton, i.e., Buddhism, etc, but that was not his life.  He was merely interested!  I would not discourage anyone from reading any of Thomas Merton's books!  Have you ever read "The New Man"?

   All have sinned, as the Bible says. You did judge T. M.  when you discouraged anyone from reading his books.  I'll add one more thing here and then no more. 

   T.M. was in a Catholic monastery but that's all!  By faith, he was not Catholic and perhaps one of the things the Abbott and Merton were always at odds about.  Why didn't he leave then?  It provided him a nice quiet place, undisturbed to do his writings.  Just one more thing, I did get to know him well and had he in any way or at any time stressed being a Catholic to me, I'd have been gone.

    As God is my witness, I write all this to you!  

   Lets end this as good friends!  We're about to meet in heaven!  You and my Dad should talk there since he felt as you do now.

   Not quite me going!  I have been asked many times to talk about Thomas Merton and always it's to say how I was saved when the Lord led me to his book in the Library that day when I was looking for a book on a craft that I and my Girl Scouts were going to do that day. I was their leader       (Going to keep going now!) 

   In the library, there was a table with a sign on it, "Men and Science".  Intrigued, I wanted to see what books were on it.  "Thoughts In Solitude" was one of a few.  When I opened the book and saw "God", I promptly put it back!  I'd had enough religion at home and sure didn't need any more from someone I'd never heard of.  

   Having had a wakeful night because I didn't know how to do this craft to show my girls, I could not wait to get to the library.  When I went to the Craft Section, I couldn't remember the craft.  I went through the craft books, index cards and nothing came to me.  Only one thing to do...check out several craft books.  It was bound to be in one of them!  After checking them out and carrying these 6 heavy books, I actually heard, "you can carry these heavy books about crafts and not one small thin one about Me".   Nope, I didn't hear that!  "Thoughts In Solitude" is a thin small book, and I was NOT getting it! 

   I had other things to get from the store and was helpless without them.  I'd lost my memo and couldn't remember anything.  While in the store,  I looked at everything trying to jog my memory.  Suddenly a cloud came over me so that I could barely even see.  It was then I prayed saying, Lord, if this is from you and you don't lift this cloud, I'm going to get killed.   Again, the voice, "you can carry all all these heavy books about crafts and not one thin one about Me."  God had never spoke to me like this  and I was having a hard time thinking it was God.  Not being sure since I was in this cloud, I prayed again, feeling scared that I could barely see.  I stopped and prayed aloud, "Lord if this is really You, if I go back and check out that book, will You lift this cloud so I can see to get home safely?  Nothing.....  Back to the library I went and checked out "Thoughts In Solitude" by Thomas Merton. 

   Immediately, the cloud lifted and I remembered the craft, found it, put back the other 6 books leaving me with just the 2 books, Merton's and the book on crafts.  Then the items I needed from the store came to me as though I'd never forgotten them.

   This was the strangest experience I'd ever had and couldn't wait to see why God wanted me to have this little thin book.  Now, you know why!

  How I came to type for T.M. is just as strange because the librarian told me he could not communicate since he was a Trappist monk and wasn't allowed.    That's another story!  Perhaps in Heaven, Thomas Merton himself can tell you about that one.

   Sorry to get so windy but thought an explanation might be needed!
    Looking forward to the Rapture.........
                   Mary Anna