Mary Anna (20 June 2011)
"Jim Bramlett (18 June 2011) "Two hot news items!""    WEINER WIFE CONNECTED TO Muslim Brotherhood! - General Paul Vallely, 2 CIA agents - birth certificate a fraud! Congress and FBI afraid of "black backlash!"

This is a WOW and DOUBLE WOW!!   Quite hard to believe how Muslims have serendipitously and are craftily turning America into a Godless country!  The worse part is that we are (with eyes wide open) allowing it.  It's simply asked, 'what's your problem?"   Muslims have infiltrated themselves into our culture and nobody cares!  America is not going down the drain---we're there!

    Thanks Jim Bramlett for opening eyes, certainly mine!
I've learned one should NEVER underestimate Satan, especially when he's mad as hell and his time is running out!  My Grandma used to say we can't fight Satan on our own, he's too smart and we'd lose!  We MUST ask our Lord God in Jesus' Name. Then we WIN!  
      The last sentence of the Dictionary's definition:  Islam is regarded by its adherents as the last of the revealed religions,and Muhammad is seen as the last of the prophets, building on and perfecting the examples and teachings of Abraham, Moses,and Jesus.

   X;{    As Susy would say *shutter*!