Mary Anna (11 June 2011)
"Carol Garza (10 June 2011) "re: Mary Anna and your library experience""

Thanks, Carol,

  At the time of my library experience I was by far, bewildered and also feeling I had actually been in touch with God.  (1st time)  It was good to have my Girl Scout meeting before reading the book because that's when I knew I'd been touched by God!
  I know of Brother Lawrence and think I have a little booklet of his someplace!

 All my life, having a dad who preached being born again, as well as a grandmother doing the same, saying we'd know it when it happened. Well, it hadn't happened to me, but boy they kept trying!  When it did, my father was so happy until he found out it was by a book written by a Catholic priest.  To him, I still needed to be save!  Then a footnote appeared at the bottom of his Sun.School lesson plan that was from Thomas Merton's "Thoughts in Solitude".  He was silent for a long time!   At the time I read T.M's  book I had no idea who he was so was also shocked to learn he was a Catholics Priest& monk.

Appreciate your writing Carol.  Will see you in the rapture which I'm hoping is Sunday!
Mary Anna