Lynnette (11 June 2011)
"Mary Clark- The Eleventh Hour - True Heart Bliss"


Wanted to share this most recent encouraging Word received....

 True Heart Bliss

  June 10, 2011

 The eleventh hour is upon you, beloved. 

 All looks fine from where I am sitting.

 I want you to know this. 

 I do not want you to despair when turmoil enters your vicinity. 

 I want to prepare you with My words of hope.


 So hear Me this day and know that your God’s words are true,

 they are truth that you can bank on,

 and they are words that I want you to hold close to your heart. 

 The enemy may have his idea, trying to dupe you into following his ways,

 but I have a few secret plans up My sleeve. 

 They are dynamic.

 They make his plans look sickly in comparison. 

 So rely on Me. 

 Look to Me and know true heart bliss. 

 That is what I have to offer in this final hour, true heart bliss!!!

 If you would enjoy reading more- here is her website:

 Blessings to you John & Doves,Lynnette