Lyle Cooper (16 June 2011)
"Answer to Marilyn Agee (6 June 2011)"

Answer to Marilyn Agee (6 June 2011)  Two Raptures;

Sorry, Marilyn, but your post is filled with human reasoning. We cannot go by human reasoning, but only by the word of God. There is certainly a trump sounded at the rapture as shown in 1st Thes. 4. And in 1st Cor. it says "at the last trump."

The truth of scripture is that these are one and the same event, and the SAME trumpet blast. There will be only one rapture for the Bride. For those that miss the one and only rapture, there will be terrible times, and in the end, they will be forced to lose their head, or they will take the mark.  It is the word of God. It is the meaning of "overcome." There will be no third choice for those left behind. There will be no place to hide. Yes, those that miss the first rapture CAN get to heaven, but the only way will be by death.

Sorry, but your theory of two raptures for the church is not scriptural.  But perhaps you were thinking of the 144,000? They are first seen getting sealed for their protection, then later seen around the throne room of heaven  - and called firstfruits. How do they get to heaven?