Loren Macnab (30 June 2011)
"Wade Balzer (29 June 2011)"


There is reasonable discrepancy between translations that might lend some greater insight into the "eye of needle" portion of your treatise.  The Jerusalem Bible translates it differently and footnotes the explanation with credible geographic and cultural significance.  The pertinent portion is translated "eye of the needle".  The footnote describes that as a [particular site, where a camel was required to be unloaded while the animal was led through a passage in the rocks on its knees before being reloaded.  Presumably a toll fee was assessed, much like ancient rope ferries in the old west.

As a point of support, I believe J. Vernon McGee covered this point in his radio series 'Through the Bible' back in the 60's - 80's.  Taken literally using the 'eye of a needle' we are left with a belief that the rich have no hope of salvation, where with the 'eye of the needle' this position is dispelled but reinforcing the greater difficulty of walking with the LORD because of stresses of this added prosperity brings to a 'walk with the LORD' and doing the will of the father.

I hope this seasons the perspective properly.

Loren Macnab