Linda Spencer (3 June 2011)
"The Fires Are Coming And Quickly!"

Dream June 1, 2011
We all got the news that a raging fire was coming and coming quickly from the Houston area consuming everything in it's path!  We all started to gather our things to try and make it to safety.  We were under mandatory evacuation orders but some chose to stay.  We were in Fort Worth and I remember giving someone who was male, who had decided to stay behind a bag of popcorn, rice and something else so he could have something to eat and we left.  With me, was my friends son and daughter and one other person.  We were on the run and people were everywhere trying to escape.  They alerted us that the fires were traveling so fast, that it would be here in no time.  As we were running we begin to see the fire in the distance.  We were in Fort Worth but it was like we could see what was happening on the coast because we could see cars and people lined up as if in a jam along the coastal highway.  There were many people trying to leave but it appeared too late because they were soon consumed by the fire...all of them!
We were running and came upon a man hole and decided to enter because the fire was coming so fast.  We got inside the man hole and realized it was very spacious...we could live in it until it was safe.  I was the only one who had food for us to live on because knowone else had prepared, the people with me were very grateful.  Just as we entered the hole, a few seconds later the fires came and consumed EVERYTHING in it's path above us.  Once the fires past, it wasn't long before the troops in black uniforms and guns came and searched every nook and cranny.  They found all the man holes and were all over the place in droves, gathering everyone they could find.  At this point I woke up and realized...there would be NO PLACE TO HIDE!
Lord Jesus! Please come quickly!