Leigh (26 June 2011)
"John, all Doves, Ron Reese"

Ron, I have just read your post and it reminded me of the dream I had Sunday night. A short dream. I was travelling in a bus with LOTS of people, couldnt see the rear end of it. Then the bus stopped and I was about the fourth person to get off. I couldnt see the real faces but there were all sorts of people. I didnt talk to anybody but just the thought HOW LONG WILL IT BE TO GET ALL THESE PEOPLE IN THE NEXT VEHICLE BEFORE IT LEAVES?   crossed my mind!!!Another vehicle was waiting but Im not sure what type it was. As though someone has read my thoughts, I got the answer:    Nobody from this bus will be left behind for we are only leaving at 4.00 pm. There were heaps of people all getting in the second vehicle and everybody seemed so kind and well behaved. The weather was good and the sun was shining....The dream seemed very real. And that was it. Any thoughts? Leigh Australia